Our Community
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Hello,This month we have a series of exciting announcements and “Shout Outs” about what our students, collaborators and extended family are up to in Havana and beyond.The Horns to Havana community is truly a family, and it is always a joy to learn about the successes and adventures of our members.Together we can continue to make music, grow
our family, and support the dreams of young musicians!  Join us on our journey today.
With gratitude and thanks,
Susan Sillins
Executive Director & Co-Founder
 On Sunday, February 5 at the Fabrica de Arte Cubano, pianist and composer Rodrigo Ameneiro led his jazz fusion band CEDA EL PASO in its first public concert. The band is made up of six students from Conservatorio Amadeo Roldán, five of whom are members of the jazz band that participated in Jazz Amistad NOLA. All of these students now own instruments donated by Horns to Havana (except the piano).Photos: Ivan Soca Pascual NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE