Dear Friends of Horns to Havana,The work of Horns to Havana is based in the improvisational and exploratory spirit of jazz, a form that speaks to the certainty of hope and possibility, even amidst adversity. Like a jazz ensemble, the work we do to open doors and build bridges for young musicians is only made possible through the collaboration of many players.This month we are thrilled to highlight a number
of generous donations of time, talent, energy and resources that are changing lives.
Please join our ensemble and help us make more dreams come true.With gratitude,
Susan Sillins
Executive Director & Co-Founder
 Top: David Gage and Andy Frobig repairing a bass on the Malecón.Large image on left: David Gage works with the El Taller staff to repair a bass.Below:  Horns to Havana visiting instrument artisans with the El Taller Havana staff.Click HERE for full newsletterNEWSLETTER ARCHIVE