A young man named Nick was so moved by his trip to Cuba that he wrote us the following email.

Hi. I’m a senior at North Shore High School
on Long Island. Recently my school’s music department went on a performance tour to Cuba, and we visited the Guillermo Tomas Music Conservatory in Havana. After coming back, I fundraised to purchase instruments for the conservatory. I now have a few instruments and about $3000 that I want to donate to Horns to Havana.

Nick and his dad Bob visited us at our New York City office to deliver the four horns and the financial donation. Our instrument partner Andy Frobig and his shop, Frobig Wind Repair, blessed the instruments, which – along with the money raised by Nick’s benefit concert – will be brought to Havana this spring by our education advisor Yosvany Terry, when he and his Harvard jazz band travel down. These are the stories that delight us and touch our hearts. Thank you, Nick, for helping our students and for your big heart!]
















Alberto is a 10-year-old violin student at Escuela Elemental de Arte Paulita Concepción. This devoted young music student now owns his
own instrument thanks to our friend Judith Augustine! Judith has been following the work
we do at Horns to Havana since our inception. One day while cleaning out her attic, she found
a beautiful violin that her grandmother Rosetta
had played in 1920 when she was the first female soloist with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. Judith sent it to our partners David and Judy at David Gage String Instruments to be repaired
and refurbished. Once it was gleaming with new promise, we presented it to Alberto this past July in Havana. What a thrill for all of us when he began to play it for us. He was filled with joy and pride and hope for all that is to come through it, and so are we. Thank you, Judith!

















In 2011 teen-aged bassist Darianna began traveling 22 hours by bus from Guantanamo to train as a luthier in our “el taller,” our instrument repair shop. She has worked under the tutelage of our master luthier David Gage each year since.

El taller has made over 4500 instrument repairs and continues to service student musicians like Darianna from the music schools and performers from the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra. It also has created jobs by training Cuban luthiers.

In the summer of 2014, Vickie and Noah, friends of Horns to Havana, were so impressed by Darianna’s commitment to her music and repair work that they gave a fundraiser for her in their Berkeley, California, community to raise money to buy her a new bass. Her instructor David Gage and his wife, Judy (one of our board members) helped too and made sure the bass was perfect.

Darianna has since moved to Havana and is teaching and performing and still repairing instruments whenever she is called upon.